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Making Donations

We have donation cans throughout the area in businesses who have generously given us counter space. For your convenience, you can make donations in the following places:

Plainville: Don's Diner
Goochie's Cafe
Plainville Liquor
Wrentham: Big Apple, Seasonal
Cooks Farm, Seasonal
Moore Flowers
North Woods Animal   Treats
Wampum Corner Wine   and Liquors
Wrentham Co-op Bank,   downtown location

You can bring your cans and bottles to the Horace Mann Educational Associates (HMEA) Redemption Center, 1 George St, Plainville, and ask for the money to be put in our account. They're open Monday through Saturday 8:30 am - 3:30 pm, accept beer and soda cans and bottles, and they have NO limit on cans and plastic bottles. Please make sure you specify 4-Paws Animal Shelter.
Please consider ordering your pet's meds from Pet Rescue RX. They donate 100% of their net profits to animal shelters and rescue groups; tell them you'd like the proceeds to be donated to 4 Paws. The animals thank you!

Help our building campaign today with any tax-deductible amount you can give. Pay via credit card with PayPal by clicking on the Donate button below:

Or mail a check made out to "4-Paws Animal Shelter" to:

    4-Paws Animal Shelter
    PO Box 343
    Wrentham, MA 02093


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It's painless and easy so please help us out.


Responsible Pet Care

Considering adopting a pet? Click HERE to view a helpful video about the responsibilities for caring for a pet! Thank you for this wonderful and informative video made by Girl Scouts Alice Moore, Charlotte Fiske, and Samara White!

Determining How Animals Are Treated in Plainville

From the May 30, 2018 edition of The Sun Chronicle

To The Editor

I would like to respond to Dale Bergevine’s Letter to the Editor (Plainville meeting article unfair to Perfect Puppy, The Sun Chronicle, May 28.)

As a Plainville resident, I attended the March 5 Selectmen’s meeting where the MSPCA representatives presented evidence and information regarding puppy mill puppies. They presented photographs of the poor conditions these puppies are born into, crammed into wire cages. The mothers of these puppies are bred numerous times a year to produce puppies for a profit. There were photographs showing the Amish using the dead puppies as fertilizer for their crops. The representatives also showed evidence that the puppies being sold by The Perfect Puppy are in fact from a well-known puppy mill breeder, Sam Lapp in Lancaster County, Pa.

The information set forth during this meeting was eye-opening and created such a sadness in my heart.

Selectmen gave the representatives their blessing to create Article 3, which is similar to bylaws passed by other towns such as Stoneham.

In reading Article #3, there is no mention of The Perfect Puppy, nor is there anything suggesting the intent is for the business to close. Article #3 sets forth guidelines for the sale of animals in Plainville which is something our town didn’t have prior.

Dale Bergevine missed another important purpose of Article 3:

The purpose of this bylaw is also to prevent and/or reduce inhumane or inadequate breeding conditions, promote community awareness of animal welfare and foster a more humane animal environment by restricting the sale and distribution of dogs, cats, and rabbits from pet shops, which are known to frequently obtain their animals from large-scale breeders, commonly referred to as puppy, kitten, and rabbit mills.

As residents of Plainville, we have the right to address an issue that was brought to light by a business.

It should be noted the supporters of Article 3 have not been bullying or slandering this business.

The evidence speaks for itself.

The public rallies that have been held were peaceful and held on the corner of Route 106 and 152, which is no where near the entrance to the business. Plainville police officers who were present can attest there were no issues during the rallies.

If the business decides to close, that is their decision. Plainville residents should be able to decide how animals are treated in their town without fear or intimidation from a business.

I urge all Plainville residents to read Article 3, which is listed on the Town of Plainville’s website. If you would like to join us and show your support for this cause, the next rally will be held on June 2. Please be the voice for these animals and vote YES on Article 3.

Alicia Sheridan

About Our Effort

The 4Paws Animal Shelter is an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit charity, established as a non-profit organization to raise funds and build a no-kill animal shelter for dogs, cats and other small animals to serve the area of Wrentham and Plainville, MA. The towns we cover for assistance are: Attleboro, North Attleborough, Plainville, Wrentham, Foxborough, Franklin, Norfolk and Walpole, plus any Massachusetts resident whose regular vet is in one of those towns.

4Paws was started by folks from the area who recognized that there was no municipal or private shelter in the area that accepted cats and dogs that may be strays or have been abandoned. Such a facility is greatly needed, particularly for cats, rabbits and other small animals. There are still many homeless cats that have litters. The kittens need homes and medical attention and they all need to be neutered or spayed.

4Paws Animal Shelter, Inc. has obtained 501(c)3 charitable tax status (tax ID: 32-0282227) and we are seeking tax-deductible contributions. Building a shelter is a long-term project requiring at least $1,000,000. We are currently investigating possible sites.

4Paws has members from Wrentham, Plainville, Norfolk and other towns in the area. All are welcome to join us in this effort.


The 4 PAWS ANIMAL SHELTER, INC., was formed in 2009 to raise funds to build and operate a local animal shelter. The cost of building a shelter has risen to about $1 million dollars over the years and it is clear that our goal can not be reached in the near future. We have decided to look at other ways that we can help pet owners now, while still continuing to work towards our goal to build a regional, no-kill shelter.

Along this line, we are proposing to assist people with food, vet bills, and other expenses so they can keep their animals. There are so many people who find it difficult to keep their pets, and it's very hard for them to find a no-kill shelter where they can surrender them. Town shelters do not accept surrenders and private shelters are hard pressed to make room for them. We want to give people the opportunity to keep their pets and keep space available in the shelters for animals that really need a place to go.

We will be contacting local veterinarians as well as public and private shelters to make them aware of our new outreach. This way they can contact us if they should know of someone who wants to keep their pet, but is finding it financially difficult to do so. We will evaluate each situation and provide whatever assistance we can to help them keep their pets and not have to surrender them.

We hope this interim step will alleviate some conditions that put pets in jeopardy of surrender.

Funds specifically raised for the building of a shelter will be held for that purpose so they will be available when that time comes.